Neighbor Tote

NEIGHBOR is a collaboration between Matriarch and fellow Berlin-based organization Give Something Back to Berlin

"Founded in 2013, Give Something Back To Berlin is the first and the largest project platform and network that makes social engagement and neighbourhood work accessible to the large non-German speaking population of Berlin.

We created a tool for community integration that brings together more “privileged” migrants, German locals and more vulnerable migrants such as refugees. In our extensive grassroots work, different migrants and their Berlin neighbours meet. Our intercultural volunteering is positive, lived “think global, act local” work, showcasing that everyone has something to share with others regardless of their passport, status, language skills or how long they may have been in the country."

50% of the proceeds from sales of NEIGHBOR bags go directly into supporting GSBTB's substantial efforts to support refugees in Berlin. 

You can also make donations to GSBTB directly here.

Help us help the community - our pledge to help during the COVID-19 crisis

From today until May 15, 100% of proceeds from T-Shirt, Socks, and Pins sales will go to support fellow Footwear Industry members and LGBTQ folks in need during this time of uncertainty.

25% of proceeds from Footwear sales will also go to support these brands:

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation - supporting all members of the Footwear community at all times, and especially now ( - a NYC-based, leading LGBTQ+ media site (

Sonntags Club - a Berlin-based LGBTQ+ community space (