All about Vegetable Tanned Leather

Some common FAQ about our leather 

1. "What's up with that color?" 
"Vegetable-tanned" means just that. Tanned using vegetable matter. In our specific case, tree bark tannins. This is the ancient, traditional method of tanning leather. We went for pure and clean, a product of nature. On a deeper level, this means that if you bury a pair of Matriarch shoes in the ground, the leather will completely decompose after about 100 years without leaching chemicals into the environment.
2. "Is it vegetarian? Vegan?"
No. Leather is leather, and ours comes from Portuguese cows. 
3. "Why is vegetable-tanned leather so special?"
We love veggie tan because to us it is the most pure expression of what leather is. One of our favorite features of veggie tan is that over time it will develop a rich patina. This means that the more you wear your shoes, the more custom to you they get! If you leave them in strong sunlight or get skin oils (or other oils) on them, the color will deepen and darken. We love honesty in our materials.